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Featured Product: Mrs. Meyers Basil Healthy Home Kit

Create a great smelling clean home with this organic cleaning kit.  The fresh scent of basil will help you in many rooms of the house.  The Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Healthy Home Kit is your complete cleaning solution!
This kit includes all natural cleaners to help in the kitchen
and bathroom. 
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Healthy Home Kit
The kit includes the following fresh organic cleaners in a fresh basil scent:

  • Window Spray
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Countertop Spray
  • Surface Scrub
  • Automatic Dishwashing Soap Packs
  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap
  • Soy Candle

Order today for delivery in time for Thanksgiving!

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The Types and Uses of Candle Wax

By David H. Urmann

Candle wax has different types. There are cheap waxes that are made into candles and there are costly waxes that are also made into candles with slower melting rate.

There are different waxes used in candles. Some of these waxes have other uses. Listed below are the different types of waxes that are also commonly used in candle making.

Types candle wax

• Paraffin Wax:

A wax made of paraffin is a chemical preservative that is used commonly on fruits, vegetables, and candy. This is in order to create a shiny appearance, delay the moisture loss, and spoilage. Chocolate candy makers frequently use paraffin wax also. In fact, Paraffin wax is also regarded as the “baker’s wax or canning wax”.

A paraffin wax is flammable so make sure you do not overheat it. Just heat it gently on a double boiler or you can use a microwave and heat it simply up to the point where in the wax had dissolved. Paraffin wax is a white odorless, tasteless, waxy, solid component. Its usual melting point is around 48 to 65 degrees. When heated, the chemical composition of paraffin wax, especially the so-called chemical re-agents, remain unchanged but they readily burn.

Pure paraffin wax is a tremendous electrical insulator and has an electrical resistibility for about 50 to 100 degrees of temperature. A pure paraffin wax is not often utilized in order to create an original statute model or for casting metal.

• Paraffin or Mineral Oil

Liquid paraffin waxes are also known as mineral oil. This form of paraffin wax is a combination of heavier alkaline and has an amount of terms featured as nojul, alboline, adepsine oil, glymbol, saxol, and medical paraffin or USP mineral oil.

This type of wax has a thickness of around 0.8g/cm. This liquid paraffin is utilized in order to help the bowel movement of persons suffering from chronic constipation. In mechanical integration and baking, mineral oil must be applied in order to make sure that the loaves of bread, or whatsoever, are simply out when cooked. Mineral oils can be used for coating fruits as well.

• Soy wax

The Soy wax was discovered during the late period of the 19th century. It was when Michael Richards looked to find a cheaper alternative for beeswax. Therefore, Michael Richards discovered and developed the soy wax.

The beeswax products, as he understands, have an increasing demand for a natural wax candle. Michael Richards has tested dissimilar normal plant waxes and finally finished up with a vegetable and fruit wax, which was created with parts from hydrogenated mineral oil, cooking oil, palm oil and the combination of beeswax, and soy wax. The result was the creation of a cheap normal wax candle.

In late 1996, Michael Richard’s succeeded in changing the costly beeswax with palm and soy wax. The candle wax is mostly composed of hydrogenated mineral oil. Michael Richards also tested several combinations of soy wax for bottle candles and free position candles, which required a higher hot point.

• Bees Wax

Beeswax is a natural wax that was created in the beehive of the genus. Beeswax is created by young little worker bees for around 15 up to 20 days. This is in order to form the scales buried by glands. The worker bees have a somewhat protector gear on their bodies.

Worker bees have eight wax-producing mirror glands on their inner sides. The beeswax is almost white in color but sometimes it can possess the color blue or color green by incorporation of pollen oils. The beeswax scale is around 3 mm diagonally and 0.4 mm wide. Aside from this, around 1300 is required to create a honeycomb.

• Palm Wax

Palm wax is made from pure natural palm oil based on raw materials. The palm wax is unlike other waxes since they form crystal-like substances on the outer side of the candle. Palm wax burns at a much cooler and slower rate than several waxes.

Candle waxes such as palm wax is biodegradable and water-soluble. Palm wax candles have approximately 45 percent longer burn time as compared to the usual sized paraffin wax candle. The palm wax candle also releases the scent throughout the entire candle. The scent of a palm wax candle does not fade away like other candles. The palm wax has a higher yield and it is tougher than other oil seed crops. No fertilizers or chemical treatments are required for its cultivation. Palm wax is a unique crystalline figure.

About the Author: For more information on Candlewax please visit our website.


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Metal Candle Holders and the Basics of Metal Art Candle Holders

By Ivan Smith

Candles have been around for a long time, which means that candle holder have too. And artistic metal stands, what we today would call metal art candle holders’ have been found at many ancient archaeological digs. Oil lamps were the first form of artificial lighting discovered by man. The light given off by a cloth wick in a pool of oil allowed ancient man to function even after the sun went down. The problem with oil is that being liquid, it was difficult to store and if the oil spilled from a burning lamp, it could cause either a fire or sever burns to the flesh. Although oil lamps continued to be in use till the advent of electricity, the discovery that solidified animal fat would provide and equally good sources of fuel to a burning wick caused the candle to come into being and its popularity soon equaled and often overtook that of the oil lamp.

Since candles are, because of their shape, intrinsically unstable, candle holders were required. The earliest known ones were just flat pieces of metal with a point or pin on the surface to which a candle could be firmly fixed. Once this purpose was achieved, metal workers looked towards enhancing their visual appeal and making them items of beauty. Thus was born the metal art candle holder.

Although nearly all modern indoor lighting is done by electricity, candle and metal art candle holders remain popular. There is nothing like soft candle light to add romance and atmosphere to a room. And if the candle is fitted to a metal art candle holder, the appeal is greatly enhanced. An enduring image is of the romantic dinner for two with a gleaming candelabra in the middle of the table. The candelabra is a metal art candle holder! Besides the effect of candle light, a surprising number of people still prefer to use candles indoors as they feel that candle light adds energy to a home.

Metal art candle holders are a great way to decorate and add character to your home. Even is you do not want to actually use them, their presence adds glamour to a room. Metal art candle holders can range from a wrought iron piece of elaborate design for holding one candle to large pieces that hold many. These can be table pieces as in the case of candelabras, to wall fixtures and even old fashioned candle fitted chandeliers.

Available in a wide rage of metals, from simple wrought iron or steel to sterling sliver and gold, metal art candle holders need not be conventional in design. Many artists produce metal art candle holders in modern designs using modern metals such a stainless steel, aluminum and a variety of alloys.

Turn off the electric lights and try using candles on elegant metal art candle holders to light up a room. The warmth and atmosphere that candle light creates may tempt you to think of candle light not just a back up in times of power outages, but as a part of your lifestyle. Metal art candle holders are not just decorative items in themselves, but when put to use, can change the whole tone and mood of a room.

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A Special Candle Wedding Favor

By Alice Yap

Weddings are a time of happiness and love, a time to rejoice and be surrounded by friends and family you hold dear. Giving each guest a unique candle wedding favor will surely immortalize your special day forever, and allow attendees to take a home a useful, heartfelt memento of this very special occasion. Shopping for the perfect favors may feel impossible to you, but there are a variety of different candles you can choose to present your guests with on your wedding day, and various resources to help you do just that.

When you plan a wedding, you also plan on the occasion being memorable, an event your guests will be hard pressed to forget. What better way to do that than with sincere favors? There are a multitude of different candles you can present your guests, and a variety of websites and specialty shops catering specifically to wedding favors. For a cute, fun little favor, you can consider miniature candles shaped like a wedding cake. These are cute, definitely wedding oriented, and will work with almost any theme. If you’d like, you may also want to consider tea light sets. In a variety of colors and designs, these candles will suit almost any celebration. What’s more, they’re fairly cheap! Definitely a plus for a wedding on a budget.

Let’s say you’re having a theme wedding, and it’s taking place on the beach. Obviously, you’ll want a candle favor that will take your guests back to that special day. How about miniature candles shaped like flip flops? If it’s a casual beach occasion, these will most certainly do the trick. If it’s a more formal beach event, beautiful glass sailboat tea light holders may be just the ticket. They’re classy, and they’ll definitely serve as a beautiful reminder for your guests. This illustrates how easy it can be to find favors that suit your unique wedding theme, for both formal and casual affairs.

You want your wedding to be as special as possible, every detail taken care of and everyone kept happy. The favors you choose for your guests will forever memorialize your special day, so you want them to be a reflection of your heartfelt gratitude for your guest’s presence. Now, your wedding guests will have something to look back on to remember a time of joy, and a time of love, forever captured in these favors.

About the Author: Alice Yap recommends for candle favors.


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Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Most greenhouse gases are caused by the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation and transportation.
  2. Deforestation is another major driver of climate change, responsible for more carbon pollution than the entire global transportation sector.
  3. A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of carbon pollution produced.
  4. Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint include: walk more, use public transportation, only buy what you need and recycle.

Information courtesy of Earth Hour

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All Natural and Sustainable Products Now Available in our Webstore

At HeavenScent Soy Candles we are always looking for new items to sell in our store that compliment our candles.  We recently found a supplier of environmentally friendly products from all natural cleaners, to diapers and gardening products.  All of the products are obtained from a distributor that deals in natural and sustainable products.  You can find these new items under the “Natural Products” category on our webstore.

From now through April 30, 2011, enjoy 10% off the purchase of these new products. Use the code “new” at checkout.

Office Products
We also have natural and sustainable office products available at our eBay store.  From now through April 23rd, these products are all 10% off.

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Wedding Reception Table Centrepieces

By Karen Lincoln

The traditional decorative option for wedding reception table centrepieces is generally an arrangement of flowers. But there are far many more elegant, creative and cost-friendly options to be considered. Whether you choose to order professional centerpieces or you want to create your wedding reception table centrepieces yourself, table decorations are an opportunity to customize your wedding theme.


One cost efficient and elegant centrepiece option is candles. While providing warm lighting to enhance the ambiance of your reception, candles double as both a lighting and decorative element. Using groups of candles in various sizes and shapes wrapped with ribbon to coordinate with your color scheme are all items easy to make. At a local craft store you can purchase paint intended for use on candles. You can use freehand designs or stencils to write words to commemorate your occasion such as Love, Joy and Forever. You can then offer to let your guests take a candle home as a table favor. Be sure to consider flammability issues when adhering anything to the candles. Ensure that you have considered your venue if selecting candles. If you are holding an outdoor wedding reception the weather may impact your candles, whether it is due to wind or heat.

Potted Flowers

Using potted flowers instead of cut flowers for your wedding reception table centrepieces is a way to reuse flowers. You can purchase bulk quantities of popular, colorful flowers and place them in individual small decorative pots. The exposed dirt can be covered with craft moss, marbles, glass rocks or river rocks. Using a colored fabric swatch or even a hemmed cloth napkin to match your pallet, place the flowers in a circle on the fabric so they look like a single arrangement instead of individual pots. These centrepieces can also double as take home gifts for your guests. Be careful to consider the time of year of your wedding to ensure you can use the color pallet you were planning.


Your friends and family will be delighted to find you have remembered them with wedding reception table centrepieces made with photos. Using pictures is especially effective if you have a planned table seating and use old or fun photos of the guests seated at that particular table. If you happen to have a table of people that are people who are friends of parents or other family members, then using fun childhood pictures of the bride and groom can be a solution. Instead of using picture frames, try using decorative wire photo holders or magnetic clips.

Fun and a Little Quirky

If traditional isn’t the way you like to express yourself, you will find wedding reception table centrepieces are an excellent and subdued way to show these quirks. Try using live items such as colorful Beta or goldfish in clear glass vases with flower arrangements sitting on top if you want to surprise your guests with something that starts out looking traditional until you get close enough to see the fish. You can also use brightly colored sugar candies, in large, clear glass containers, giving the sweets away at the night’s end as take home sweets for your guests.

Your personality can shine and be shared with wedding reception table centrepieces. Bridesmaids usually love to help with creative and crafty items and you should let them so your time is freed up for other things you wish to do. Whatever centrepiece you choose, keep it in mind about what you plan to do with 25 or more centrepieces once your wedding reception is over, a concept which can help you narrow down your design decision.

About the Author: For more advice on planning a wedding or a wedding reception then visit our website For A Wedding.

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7 Garden Decor Tips

By Tim Sousa

Your garden is your own little oasis. Your retreat from the rest of the world. Naturally, you’ll want to add your own touches to your garden, to set it apart from everyone else’s. You’ll want to add your own accents to make your garden truly your own. Here are 7 ideas for little touches that you can add to your garden, to make it your own personal space.

1. Wind-Chimes – You can find wind chimes in many styles and materials. You can find copper and metal chimes, clay and ceramic. They may feature random shapes of metal or ceramic, or they may be tubes, tuned to certain pitches. So, chances are, you’ll be able to find a set of wind chimes that suit your style and your budget. If not, you can easily create your own. Just look around at some of the wind chimes that are available, to give yourself an idea on how they are made.

When you place your wind chimes, look for a place with a slight breeze. Outside, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding such a place. Hang the chimes so they’ll blow gently in the breeze, creating a relaxing chime. Just don’t put them in too strong a breeze, or the relaxing chiming sound will become a harsh, clanging noise.

2. Lighting – Several lighting options are available for your garden or patio. You can use candles for a soft, flickering light, or a string of electric lanterns for a more steady light. If you don’t have an outlet available, you can find solar lights, which soak up sunlight during the day, storing the electricity, and then come on at night when the sun goes down. You may want to include a citronella candle or torch in your lighting to keep mosquitoes away.

3. Garden Furniture – These days, you can find a wide selection of outdoor furniture for your garden. I’m not talking about those uncomfortable, aluminum framed, nylon webbed, camping chairs, that trap you as soon as you sit down. You can find comfortable, cushioned chairs and couches, suitable for outdoor use. A hammock strung between a pair of trees can provide a relaxing place to take a bit of a nap on those hot summer afternoons. Several styles of benches are also available to accent the garden, and provide a place to sit and rest under the lilac bushes.

4. Fake Flowers – If you have a spot in your garden where you just can’t seem to grow anything, a container of silk flowers can certainly brighten up the area. You may also put in some small planters on the wall or fence, with trouble-free fake flowers.

5. Containers – You can plant flowers in a container, or vegetables and herbs, or you can build a small water garden to show off water lilies and other aquatic plants. A well placed container garden will add a touch of color and texture to a bare corner of your garden or patio. You can re-plant the containers every season to provide some continual color to your garden, year round, and if you don’t like the placement of the container, you can simply move it to a more suitable location.

6. Water Features – A water feature can range from a simple container with some water and a few plants up to a large pond, with fish, waterlilies, bridges, and fountains. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend in creating it, and how much space you have available. Even a small container with a fountain can add the soothing sound of water to your garden, without taking over a lot of space.

7. Rock Gardens – Rock gardens, like container gardens, can provide color throughout the year, if you plan it well. When plants from one season are done blooming, you can remove them, and replace them with others. A rock garden will take a bit of work to build, especially moving the rocks. Make sure that all parts of the garden are accessible for weeding and watering. Try out different rocks and plants until you find a combination that you like.

These are just some ideas for accenting your garden, and making it your own personal space. Sprucing up your garden doesn’t have to take a lot of time, or cost a lot of money. You can build a water feature or rock garden, or you can simply add a few inexpensive decor pieces throughout your garden. Either way, you need to make an effort to set your garden apart from everyone else’s. You need to take action to make your garden your own.

About the Author: Visit Garden Style Decor for more garden decor tips and resources


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We Raised $190 for Breast Cancer Awareness!

The results are in!  We totaled the sales during the month of October and we will be making a donation of 10% of the total sales to Breast Cancer Research.  For 2010, HeavenScent Soy Candles will be making a $190 donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Our donation this year is a significant increase over past years, and we look forward to next October when we can again increase the amount that we give toward this worthwhile cause.

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase this October and helped us to support Breast Cancer Awareness!