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Relaxation with Candles

Candles are a great way to relax and unwind. The flicker of the flame and the scent of the candle can help to ease stress and help one to relax. Depending on the type of candle and the materials used, the intensity of the scent and the size of the candle flame will vary. This is due to the temperature at which the candle burns. The lower the temperature, the longer the candle will burn.

A candle that burns at a higher temperature does not necessarily produce a stronger scent. This is due to the fact that the scented oil itself may evaporate or burn away completely during the burning process. A candle that burns at a low even temperature will produce the best scent distribution evenly through a room. Soy Candles specifically, have a low burning temperature and an even scent distribution. Other natural waxes also have some of these same properties.

Another advantage to the soy candle’s low burning temperature is that the all natural wax is not as hot as other candle waxes. Some people have used the melted wax as hand lotion once the candle is extinguished and slightly cooled. This is only possible with soy because it is an all natural wax that contains no chemicals.

So sit back, light a candle and relax.

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Local Delivery

In order to provide better service to our local customers, HeavenScent Soy Candles now offers local delivery within the Harrisburg Metro Area. Delivery is available for orders of all sizes, from gifts delivered to co-workers and friends to wholesale orders to replenish inventory at your shop.

The cost for delivery is $10 for orders under $75, and free for all orders of $75 or more. We also offer local pick-up at either our Camp Hill, or New Bloomfield locations.

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Our Story

HeavenScent Soy Candles was created in 2005 by Jeff and Lynne Trace. Their goal was to manufacture high quality soy candles using the highest quality materials. The business was a success within the small town where they lived and many of the local people in the community could not wait until the annual events where the candles were sold.

In 2006, Lynne’s daughter Heather and her husband Shaun started to help with the marketing. Shaun was able to create an interactive website that allowed customers to order candles year round. The website developed and slowly more people started to notice the candles and the soy candle industry in general grew. HeavenScent Soy Candles was no exception.

Over the summer of 2008 to present, HeavenScent Soy Candles has seen a dramatic increase in the number of candles sold through our online web store. Customers from all parts of the United States and Canada have found ordering candles through our website is easy. There are many options to create a custom soy candle. This customization has been popular and customers can create a variety of combinations, selecting options such as scent and color. Customers can even determine if they would like a wick for burning the candle. If they only plan on using the candle on a warmer, they have the option of buying a candle without a wick.

By listening to the customers and providing unique options for each candle, HeavenScent Soy Candles strives to provide a unique handmade candle for every order. We do not carry many candles in stock and most candles are poured to order. Though this may increase the amount of time it takes the candle to get to shipping, the end result is a high quality handcrafted candle that is uniquely customized for you, our valued customer.

Enjoy our website, and please let us know if you have any problems finding what you are looking for. We have over 60 scents in stock, but if you have a favorite scent that you cannot find, e-mail us or give us a call and we will see if we can find what you are looking for.