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Aromatherapy Jar Candles – Stylish And Effective

By Stephanie Young

The demand for aromatherapy jar candles is on a rise due to not only their soothing effect but also stylish designs. These candles exude aromatic smells and scents which have a strong healing power and promote the sense of wellbeing in your inner self. As you must know, Aromatherapy is fast growing as a preferred form of alternate medicine to heal pain, anxiety, depression, mood swings, stress relief and many more conditions.

In aromatherapy, essential oils from plants are used. Essential oils are very concentrated, highly volatile and complex substances, derived from natural herbal plants. Most commonly used essential oils are: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, tea tree, peppermint etc. Each of these has a distinct smell and essential healing properties. These essential oils are used to prepare aromatherapy jar candles in various scents.

Perfect For Any Mood, Any Time:

If you want a romantic set-up with candles lit all around, you must place candles in different corners of the room to create the effect. But if you are using regular paraffin candles, it will produce bad odor and smut which doesn’t really go with any body’s idea of a romantic evening. So use aromatherapy jar candles. These candles provide you with the desired lighting effect and give out lovely fragrance, perfect for creating a romantic mood.

The aromatherapy jar candles are very convenient and a quick way to change the mood in any environment, be it your home or office. These candles come in a variety of scents, can be placed anywhere and used any time of the day to get that fresh enduring smell. These candles have not only a nice smell, but this aromatic smell also has the quality to relieve you of stress, pain, depression and help you concentrate better. You may light up aromatherapy jar candles during your bath to get out of it totally fresh and rejuvenated.

Different fragrances in aromatherapy candles serve different purposes. For example, lavender is best used for stress relief. To cure insomnia, you may use sage and chamomile candles. Whatever scent you choose, make sure it is made of naturally extracted essential oils, as synthetic oils don’t possess the special properties of aromatherapy.

A Great Gifting Idea:

Aromatherapy jar candles are very beautifully crafted to bring out the essence of the therapy. They naturally build up an ambience of charm and elegance in the surroundings, to enhance the candles’ carefully blended scents. Even after you have burnt the candles, the jar can be used as a stylish container on the mantelpiece or for burning more aromatherapy candles in future. For its lovely designs and delicate appearance, the aromatherapy jar candles make a great gift item.

You may gift it to your loved ones who appreciate and enjoy benefits of aromatherapy. Be sure to know in advance that the person who you are gifting aromatic candles is not allergic to smells and fragrances. Though the candles are made of natural material, but for people prone to allergic reactions, it is better to have knowledge about the ingredients and take the doctor’s opinion before using any aromatherapy products.

Aromatherapy candles come in various sizes and you can enjoy these scents for a long time. A 13 oz. jar candle will burn for approximately 80 hours, while a 16 oz., jar candle has a burning time of around 120 hours. Whether you buy the aromatherapy jar candles for yourself or to gift to someone, it is sure to provide relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and stress relief with its naturally extracted fragrances.

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