About HeavenScent Soy Candles

HeavenScent Soy Candles began operations in 2005 in New Bloomfield, PA. The business was started by Lynne Trace. The goal is to provide high quality soy wax candles and to promote the benefits of soy wax candles.

At HeavenScent Soy Candles we also believe that you should be able to create a candle that meets your personality and style. We offer all of our premium soy wax candles in a wide variety of scents and colors. We allow you to choose both scent and color for a fully customized product. In addition we also offer candles that can incorporate a logo or special message. These candles are great for special events and make great corporate gifts or wedding centerpieces.

Where to Find Our Candles

Our candles are available directly from our website as well as through a limited number of independent retailers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, we have a wholesale program available. Visit our wholesale information page for more information.

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Benefits of Soy Candles

Soy candles are made from all natural renewable ingredients. By purchasing soy candles you are helping American farmers. Once the soy beans are harvested they are pressed into wax flakes. HeavenScent Soy Candles uses these flakes along with natural dyes and scented oils to create a premium candle. These candles have a wide variety of benefits over traditional candles.

  • Made from an all natural renewable resource
  • Burns cleaner than traditional candles (No black soot around the top of the jar)
  • Supports US farmers
  • Lasts 50‰ longer than traditional candles
  • Soy Candles are made with non-toxic materials

The benefits of soy candles extend beyond the renewable source and farm benefits. When burned, soy candles last longer because they burn cooler than traditional paraffin wax candles. Additionally, soy candles are less likely to trigger allergies because they burn cleanly and do not produce as much soot and smoke. You can clearly see the difference when one of our soy candles is burned along side a leading competitor’s paraffin candle. Our candles do not produce the black ring of soot that forms at the top of many popular candles.

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